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Our force-free approach to training and behavior modification is rooted in modern behavioral science. We start with a focus on understanding your dog's biological needs and ways of communicating & learning. We will help you better understand your dog's behavior and show you how to effectively, safely, and humanely modify it, primarily through the use of positive reinforcement. We are well-versed in animal learning theory (classical & operant conditioning), training technique, and reading canine body language.

At Canine Chemistry, we recognize that dogs are a fantastic species. They are intelligent, social creatures who are capable of forming strong emotional bonds with their human families. We love dogs, and we find behavior fascinating. We see no need to suppress behavior and risk aggression through the use of force. By centering our approach around communication and trust, we alleviate any frustration, stress/anxiety, anger, or fear that may undermine the human-canine relationship.

If you are not too fond of your dog at the moment, that's okay. We've been there and we understand. Let us show you how incredible your pup is and how harmonious your relationship can be.

If you'd like to learn more about force-free training, visit the Pet Professional Guild!


Alicia House, BA, CCS, FPPE
Certified Trainer
& Behavior Consultant

Throughout her childhood, Alicia was an adoring fan of dogs. She grew up with her family's terriers and enjoyed teaching them to shake and roll over. After college, she volunteered to help dogs and cats at her local animal rescue, eventually welcoming a kitten and a dog from that rescue into her own home. Her interest in training intensified when she sought help with her own canine companion. She was transfixed by the wealth of information this trainer shared, enabling her to better meet the needs of her dog, understand his behavior, and learn to listen and communicate with him in a healthy and effective way. Over time, their relationship has flourished. Alicia was inspired to seek further education around the science of canine behavior in order to help other people and pets find peace and understanding in their relationships. 


Alicia holds a Certificate of Canine Studies from the Northwest School of Canine Studies, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. She has volunteered in shelters and rescues, training and socializing dogs who need extra help before being put up for adoption. Alicia is wholly committed to the use of force-free training and behavior modification techniques rooted in animal learning theory. 

Trainer Bio

We are committed to improving the lives of dogs through... 


Force-free training methods 

Humans have learned a great deal about canine behavior and training in the last 50 years, most importantly: traditional training methods using fear, pain, and coercion are not only unnecessary, they often cause a myriad of behavioral, physiological, and psychological issues that ultimately hurt the well-being of your dog and undermine the human-canine relationship. Canine Chemistry uses only evidence-based methods of training that both you and your pup will find stress-free and rewarding.

Want to learn more about force-free training? Visit the Pet Professional Guild!

Keeping dogs in homes and out of shelters 

3-4 million dogs will find themselves in shelters or rescues in the United States this year; many of these dogs will not get the chance to live in loving homes. It is common for dogs to be surrendered or returned to a shelter due to behavior issues, most of which are very treatable. Canine Chemistry is committed to reducing the number of dogs who end up in the shelter/rescue system as a result of behavior issues. 

To that end, we offer a 25% discount on the Initial Consultation for dogs who were adopted from a shelter/rescue in the last year. 


For both dogs and humans, learning happens over a lifetime. In a field as young as dog training, where our understanding of dogs is always advancing, it is crucial for trainers to continue to seek education. Canine Chemistry is committed to not only continuously furthering our own education, but also supplying our clients with an understanding of dog behavior science.


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Seattle, WA

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