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We have very limited availability for new Walk & Train clients at this time.
Please email to inquire or if you'd like a referral!

Walk & Train

Serving West Seattle


  • Your dog and our trainer. Walks for the leash-reactive dog.

  • Our Walk & Trains offer three important benefits:

  1. You can feel confident knowing your dog is being walked by a certified, force-free trainer.

  2. Rather than simply walking your dog and managing their reactivity, we will actively work on modifying your dog's reactive behavior.

  3. Our complimentary Transition Walks allow you to understand the behavior modification process and learn how you can continue to help your dog improve.

  • Unlimited email support.


  • Does your dog pull, bark, and lunge at other dogs while walking on leash? Maybe your dog even appears aggressive on leash? Perhaps you walk your dog late at night or early morning to avoid seeing other dogs. Maybe other dog walkers have had difficulty walking your dog due to the behavior. Contact Us, we'd love to help.

  • We also offer Walks for non-reactive dogs on an as-needed basis. Please Contact Us to see if we have availability.


Initial Consult:
  • Contact us to schedule an Initial Consultation in your home (~90 minutes). The Initial Consult is used to gather a comprehensive view of your dog's health, history, daily routine, all behavior concerns, and your training goals. We'll also discuss our force-free approach to modifying on-leash reactivity.

Get Started:

  • Schedule Walks and we'll get started working with your pup!


  • We offer 2 complimentary Transition Walks where we will review our behavior modification process, discuss the progress your dog has made, and answer any questions you may have!

The Basics
What we can help with
How it works


    Initial Consult: $150    
    Walks can be 30 or 45 minutes each
  • $34 per 30 minute Walk & Train
  • $48 per 45 minute Walk & Train
Rates & Packages


call: 319.431.2356

Seattle, WA

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