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Private Training

Serving West Seattle

& South Seattle


  • You, your dog & our trainer. In your home, on your schedule.

  • Private Training is ideal for those seeking to better understand, communicate with, and improve the life of their canine companion. We will not only train your dog, we will teach you to train your dog. Benefits include:

    1. Learning about your dog's biological & cognitive needs, innate drives, and how these factor in when it comes to behavior issues.

    2. Learning how to communicate with your dog and how your dog communicates with you.

    3. Learning the likely causes of your dog's behavior.

    4. Learning how to effectively, safely, and humanely modify your dog's behavior without the use of fear or pain.

  • Unlimited email support.


We offer help with a wide variety of training and behavior concerns, including:

  • Basic Manners

  • Modifying Unwanted Behavior

  • Aggression*

If you are looking for help with a behavior not described above, please reach out to see if we can help.

*If we are not the best fit for you and your dog, we will happily refer you to another certified, force-free trainer.


Initial Consult:
  • Contact us to schedule an Initial Consultation in your home (~90 minutes). The Initial Consult is used to gather a comprehensive view of your dog's health, history, daily routine, all behavior concerns, and your training goals. 

Personalized Training Plan:

  • Following the Initial Consult, we'll create a Personalized Training Plan to achieve your goals.

Get Started:

  • Schedule Private Training Sessions and we'll get started working toward your goals and strengthening the relationship between you and your pup!

The Basics
What we can help with
How it works


    Initial Consult: $150   
    60-minute Private Training sessions (West Seattle only)
  • Single Session or Pay by Session: $100/session
  • 3 Session Package: $285 ($95/session)
  • 5 Session Package: $450 ($90/session)
    75-minute Private Training sessions (outside of West Seattle, south of I-90)
  • Single Session or Pay by Session: $130/session
    New Puppy?
  • New Pup Package is for puppies 8-16 weeks of age
  • $215 for two 75-minute sessions
  • Initial Consult not required
    Newly Adopted from Shelter/Rescue?
  • Contact Us for special pricing!
Rates & Packages


call: 319.431.2356

Seattle, WA

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