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Approach Continued

The field of dog training is unregulated, which sometimes results in a lack of transparency around what methods a trainer uses. For this reason, we'll also clarify what we are not:

  • We do not seek "alpha" status over our dogs. We do not seek to "dominate" them. Dominance Theory has been misapplied to dog training for decades. In short, there are more effective, safe, and humane ways to address behavior issues. You can be your dog's leader without the use of physical force.

  • We do not use shock/e-collars, choke or prong collars. As force-free trainers, we are committed to not using fear, pain, or coercion to influence behavior. These collars can be very appealing because they often appear to be a quick fix. Unfortunately, quick fixes come at a cost.

  • We do not use physical "corrections." Despite the seemingly tame word, a correction is typically a form of physical punishment, which is not conducive to learning. Healthy communication does not require force.

  • We are not "balanced." This term sounds great in theory. We need balance in our lives, everything in moderation, etc. However, when referring to dog training, "balance" often refers to using both positive reinforcement as well as physical punishment.

If you are considering a daycare, boarding facility, board & train, or bootcamp for your dog, we encourage you to thoroughly research anyone who will be responsible for you best friend's welfare.

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